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Forthcoming modern new quarter of the city of Olomouc

Olomouc city

Olomouc is the metropolis of the Olomouc region and of the whole area of middle Moravia. The city’s roots reach all the way down to 11th century – it witnessed the very inception of the Czech statehood. For centuries, Olomouc was the Moravian capital, an important residence of the church, the army, and a centre of knowledge and education. To this day, Olomouc remains a “little big city” – rich on presence of significant institutions and vast cultural and social life. It regularly reaches top places on the “Czech cities with the best quality of life” lists. Lonely Planet Publishing has just recently included Olomouc among their “10 hidden treasures of Europe” list.

  • located in the central Moravia,
  • over 100,000 inhabitants,
  • 6th biggest Czech city,
  • metropolitan area: 438,000 inhabitants,
  • Olomouc Region centre, seat of the Regional Court and the High Court,
  • the 2nd largest conservation area after Prague,
  • university city – 8 faculties, 24,000 students,
  • an industrial centre of the middle Moravia,
  • dense and sufficient urban transport infrastructure – buses, trams,
  • congress centres and fairgrounds (Fairground Flora)
  • UNESCO monument – Holy Trinity Column on the square.

Město Olomouc
Galerie Šantovka
Envelopa Office

Strategic location

  • resides on all mid-European traffic corridors and logistics networks,
  • direct connection to highways D1 – D35 – D46,
  • distance: Ostrava – 100km (62mi), Brno – 80km (49mi),
  • international airport Brno: 75km (46mi),
  • on the main urban traffic corridors,
  • railway junction – main railway station Olomouc – 3 minutes away,
  • tram lines on the edge of the area,
  • good bus service availability,
  • short driving distance of the ambulance and fire-fighter service

Olomouc – university city

Palacký University Olomouc is the 2nd oldest Czech university. The international lists evaluating the quality of education puts the university on the 2nd place right after The Charles University in Prague.

programs to study
24 000
Ranked among the universities of the world

Olomouc – the industrial centre for middle Moravia

The city has a long-standing tradition of industrial production – dating already to 19th century. The region is a home to 150 industrial companies employing over 44,700 people.

Food industry


Chemical industry


Construction industry


Centres of Science and research

Top-quality “science and research centres”, and “centres of excellence” operating in cooperation with the Palacký University, taking part in a variety of significant international research projects.

CATRIN (Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute)

Institute of molecular and translational medicine

Regional centre for advanced technologies and materials

The Centre of the Haná region for biotechnological and agricultural research

Significant regional companies

FARMAK, a.s.
Sigma Group a.s.
UNEX a.s.
Nestlé Česko s. r. o.
TOS Olomouc, s. r. o.
OLMA, a. s.
GRIOS s. r. o.