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Students dealing with proposals for the new Great-Moravian district

The urbanists at the Redstone company are working intensely on a draft for the renewal of the Great-Moravian brownfield project. The developer group gets its inspiration from the fresh ideas of the young generation, and so it got connected with students through a unique competition organized by the faculty of the natural science of the Palacký University. The representatives of the Redstone company were attending as members of the final jury.

The young people of the whole world were competing against each other to make the best proposal for the new city quarter. They were using a popular computer game Cities: Skylines, which lets the players not only create whole new fictious cities, but using geographical data, it is also able to come up with 3D designs of actual real areas.

In their projects, the students were dealing with traffic networks for the location, its density and the overall character of the buildings – they were also connecting nature to the picture – the river and all possible natural components included.

Each of the 11 proposals were original and had their unique ideas. The winner was a player using a nickname Silvaret. A student of urbanism from Netherlands, who has among else, situated a sports hall in the location, which corresponds to the intentions of the Redstone Group.

Developer oslovil hráče Cities: Skylines. Hledal inspiraci pro čtvrť v Olomouci (