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A preparation of a concept of the new city quarter is underway

In parallel, with the lift-off of the Great-Moravian’s revitalization process, a conceptual study is being developed – a study that will propose to the land’s basic division and functional possibilities.

The starting point is a (already proven in Olomouc) concept of a gradual development in blocks. The priority purpose of the area is viewed as apartment living – giving a variety of opportunities for its future inhabitants – the developer however wants to offer the location also for businesses, markets and leisure activities.

We base our conceptualisations on the principles of “the New Urbanism” movement, that believes in a connection between urbanism and an overall positive area perception by its inhabitants – we see it as an important attribute of the area to be perceived in the most affirmative manner by the residents. The goal is to create a sought-after location and to offer a place for a satisfied and calm living.

The study should be finished by this year’s autumn and shall be used as a foundation for the upcoming works on additional parts of the project documentation. The new Olomouc quarter should grow up in the scope of the next 10 to 15 years. The estimated investment volume is between 15 and 20 billion Czech crowns.

Z vojenských skladů vznikne nová olomoucká čtvrť s multifunkční halou –